On the Bandwagon Again

Today I finally returned to the gym. I know I have made attempts at returning before and have even attended a class here and there. However, I haven’t been able to commit a plan since the birth of my son. Last week, I decided I would commit to one class a week then add a class every four weeks. When I got to the gym, I was happy that I weighed 205 on the gym scale. It means I have 40 lbs to lose to hit my first goal weight. Because I like to aim for ranges I would be happy with a weight between 160-170 lbs. My ultimate goal is to lose 60 lbs or have a weight range between 140-150 lbs, but the final number is flexible. I want to find a weight that I feel good at, but can maintain without sacrificing too much. So at this point my final number is yet to be determined.

The big challenge I’ve been having with my gym schedule was finding balance. I want to commit to enough classes to make it worthwhile, but I want to have free time for the rest of my life. So I’ve decided to commit to 4 classes a week. Today while in my Monday weight-lifting class I came up with a schedule I think I can do. If I attend my work-out classes Monday Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings and do two classes a day as needed, it leaves Thursdays and Fridays open. It’s nice to have open days so I can book appointments and things. Also, I will have time to get back into hiking. I don’t want to spend all my time at the gym.

Anyways, it seems I am back on the bandwagon. Yay!


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