Streamlining Life Strategy

I have come up with the life strategy of streamlining my life. I got this idea from a podcast where the subject had become a minimalist. I do not want to become a minimalist, but the concept made perfect sense to me. I have done streamlining before in smaller areas of my life, but I have never adopted it as an overall life strategy. Right now, my life feels a bit chaotic and I am getting burnt out. Burning out means that not only do I not achieve my life goals but I do attend to my life’s necessities. My life’s necessities include: taking care of my son; taking care of my household; going to work. Right now these are the most important things and I must make sure I am able to accomplish them.

My first order of business was getting rid of anything that was not a necessity. I briefly touched on this in Streamlining; Flow; and Moving on in May. So I have been doing this for a while. I am still working on this but I’m getting better. My second order of business was to add things that that help me achieve my life goals: Health; Social Network; Life Fulfillment. I have since broken these down into smaller goals but these concepts are still very much a work-in-progress. My third order of business is dealing with life events. It would be great if I could pause life in order to work on these things, but I can’t. And maybe it doesn’t work that way anyways. As I have said earlier, I am moving September 15 so packing it the top priority for my spare time. It prevents me from implementing my work out plan but moving was inevitable. It’s best to do it and then I can get on with my life. So my Streamlining Strategy is:

  1. Focus on Necessities
  2. Add-in Things that help me achieve my Life Goals
  3. Adjust for Life’s events

I can even break this down and use it on a smaller scale. Since I have to pack so I can move, it is a good time to go through my things and streamline that. Today I cleaned out my closet and got rid of any clothes that don’t fit. This was a big step for me since I have been holding on to some of these clothes for years. If I use my streamlining concept, this is how it fits:

  1. Focus on Necessities- Keep the clothes I can and do wear and get rid of any that I can’t and don’t wear.
  2. Add-in Things- As I lose weight I can buy new clothes that are in-style and fit.
  3. Life events- I can replace clothes as they wear out.

My psychologist says that holding on to my old clothes is a form of self-shaming as they are a reminder of my failure to lose weight. I don’t know if this is true, but I do feel a lot lighter. Something about cleaning has always felt therapeutic to me and I can see the truth in what my psychologist was saying. Holding onto clothes that I cannot wear means I am physically being reminded of my failure to lose weight. Caring for these clothes takes up a lot of time and energy so maybe I can invest that energy elsewhere. Like in actually losing weight.


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