Disclaimer: My Parents

I have been thinking for a while that I should mention that I do not blame my parents for my problems. I feel that they probably did what they thought was best and did it out of love. I believe that each generation has to build on the last so they taught me as much as they could about what they knew. What did they know? They knew how to rise above one’s standard of living. So my drive to push to the next level of living came from them. For some reason, they were unable to fully attune to me in a satisfying way. Perhaps they didn’t have examples from their own lives so they didn’t know how to pay it forward. This has lead me down an unexpected and difficult road. However, I have gained invaluable knowledge and strength that I am not sure I would have gained any other way. Therefore, I have no resentments towards them in any ways. That said, I believe in order to move myself to a different way of thinking and, therefore, a different path, I must objectively examine my past as best I can. Also, I am continuously striving to find a way to have a satisfying relationship with my parent while continuing on my journey of self-discovery. 


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