Embarking on a New Blog

To all my readers, thank you for being a part of my experience of being "lost in the jungle". Now that I have been able to re-focus and embark on the next step of my journey, I have started a new blog: Sidney's Self-Discovery. I hope you will join me there. If not, thank you … Continue reading Embarking on a New Blog


Streamlining Life Strategy

I have come up with the life strategy of streamlining my life. I got this idea from a podcast where the subject had become a minimalist. I do not want to become a minimalist, but the concept made perfect sense to me. I have done streamlining before in smaller areas of my life, but I … Continue reading Streamlining Life Strategy


Another thing I had a chance to think about when I was on vacation was being fat. Going a resort pool is always a challenge for me. On one end, I don't want to miss out on playing with my son and enjoying the pool. On the other end, my body would not be considered … Continue reading Liberated

Laying the Groundwork

This week I have laying the foundation for progressing on my weight loss goal. I feel it is good to address any outlying medical issue that could pose a problem. First, I saw a podiatrist to have my feet checked. I have been having excruciating foot pain since I returned to work. I was diagnosed … Continue reading Laying the Groundwork

Future Plans for my Website

For my readers thus far, I have decided to post a quick blog about my future plans for my website. I have been using my blog as basically a journal. I realize that some of my entries may be a bit dry and may be a bit all-over-the-place. I am planning to organize it more down the … Continue reading Future Plans for my Website