Embarking on a New Blog

To all my readers, thank you for being a part of my experience of being "lost in the jungle". Now that I have been able to re-focus and embark on the next step of my journey, I have started a new blog: Sidney's Self-Discovery. I hope you will join me there. If not, thank you … Continue reading Embarking on a New Blog


Weddings and Friendships

Today I am attending a friend's wedding. I am sad to say that it's only the fourth wedding I have been invited to as an adult outside of family weddings. However, that's a whole other subject. Today, I am thinking about the time I was invited to two weddings on the same day. How does … Continue reading Weddings and Friendships

Thinking Outside the Box

If you read my previous blog Resisting the Bullshit, you might be wondering what I meant by "It’s just an awesome thing with an unclear path. Whatever happens happens.". I am not intending on having an affair at all. I have accepted the fact that at this point, my friendship looks as though it will … Continue reading Thinking Outside the Box


Another thing I had a chance to think about when I was on vacation was being fat. Going a resort pool is always a challenge for me. On one end, I don't want to miss out on playing with my son and enjoying the pool. On the other end, my body would not be considered … Continue reading Liberated

Travelling Takes Work…but it pays off!

As you may remember from my last blog entry, we were off to see the dermatologist about my son then hopefully off on our vacation. Of course the big question was: should we cancel our vacation or push-on? The doctor at the children's  hospital had diagnosed my son with erythema multiforme which is a skin condition … Continue reading Travelling Takes Work…but it pays off!

My Mom might be Crazy: Our History

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my relationship with my mom. Yesterday, I went over with my son to visit with my parents. As usually it was a very emotionally stirring day. I had to go to the dentist and on the way back I ate a big bag of salt'n vinegar chips and … Continue reading My Mom might be Crazy: Our History