Thinking Outside the Box

If you read my previous blog Resisting the Bullshit, you might be wondering what I meant by "It’s just an awesome thing with an unclear path. Whatever happens happens.". I am not intending on having an affair at all. I have accepted the fact that at this point, my friendship looks as though it will … Continue reading Thinking Outside the Box

Resisting the Bullshit

I have a couple more blogs to post from my vacation, but today my blog is inspired by the last two weeks at work. As I mentioned in the last blog about my friendship, it seems that my friendship had settled into a nice place and I left it there. My friendship has been doing … Continue reading Resisting the Bullshit


Another thing I had a chance to think about when I was on vacation was being fat. Going a resort pool is always a challenge for me. On one end, I don't want to miss out on playing with my son and enjoying the pool. On the other end, my body would not be considered … Continue reading Liberated

Travelling Takes Work…but it pays off!

As you may remember from my last blog entry, we were off to see the dermatologist about my son then hopefully off on our vacation. Of course the big question was: should we cancel our vacation or push-on? The doctor at the children's  hospital had diagnosed my son with erythema multiforme which is a skin condition … Continue reading Travelling Takes Work…but it pays off!

My Son’s Mother

Needless to say, my life has been challenging. Another challenge has come up regarding my son. Last week, he had an ear infection and was given yet another round of antibiotics. Yesterday, he broke out in what I thought was hives. I took him to the doctor who confirmed what I thought. Today he was … Continue reading My Son’s Mother