Disclaimer: My Parents

I have been thinking for a while that I should mention that I do not blame my parents for my problems. I feel that they probably did what they thought was best and did it out of love. I believe that each generation has to build on the last so they taught me as much as … Continue reading Disclaimer: My Parents


Weddings and Friendships

Today I am attending a friend's wedding. I am sad to say that it's only the fourth wedding I have been invited to as an adult outside of family weddings. However, that's a whole other subject. Today, I am thinking about the time I was invited to two weddings on the same day. How does … Continue reading Weddings and Friendships

Hot Chick Syndrome

In my life I have noticed that a lot of women buy into the concept of Hot Chick Syndrome. What is Hot Chick Syndrome, you ask? It is the phenomenon of thinking hot women are better people than the rest of us. In terms of the women that buy into this concept, I have noticed … Continue reading Hot Chick Syndrome

Streamlining Life Strategy

I have come up with the life strategy of streamlining my life. I got this idea from a podcast where the subject had become a minimalist. I do not want to become a minimalist, but the concept made perfect sense to me. I have done streamlining before in smaller areas of my life, but I … Continue reading Streamlining Life Strategy

Imaginary Relationships

I started to like boys in middle-school, but I had no idea how to deal with them. In high-school, I liked boys who were "out of my league". In university, I had started to have some success with boys and even dated a couple. However, I never had consistent success and still had no idea how to … Continue reading Imaginary Relationships

Thinking Outside the Box

If you read my previous blog Resisting the Bullshit, you might be wondering what I meant by "It’s just an awesome thing with an unclear path. Whatever happens happens.". I am not intending on having an affair at all. I have accepted the fact that at this point, my friendship looks as though it will … Continue reading Thinking Outside the Box